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fun and relaxation

CHILL OUT to start the night

Good atmosphere, with chill-out music mixed by the best DJs in Tarifa. The Hotel 100% Fun Tarifa invites you to start the afternoon enjoying the sunset while you relax sipping the best cocktails in a different environment in front of the impressive Valdevaqueros beach.

Chill Out - 100% Fun

In Tarifa during the summer months the party never ends!
So, what better way to kick off the night than to enjoy a cocktail in the relaxing atmosphere of the Hotel Tarifa 100% Fun! Exotic decoration, unbeatable scenery and the best live music on the Costa de la Luz!

Do not hesitate to check our calendar of events and do not forget to try one of our delicious mojito cocktails… Our specialty!

Also, in June every Sunday, Flamenco Concert!