100% Fun Hotel in Tarifa


Learn to kitesurf in Valdevaqueros, Tarifa

Our school is part of the Hotel 100%Fun, a perfect place located just in front of the paradisiacal and world famous Beach Valdevaqueros, characteristic for its turquoise water and white sand. Thanks to the prevailing fantastic wind conditions (levante and poniente) Tarifa is one of the best European spots for the practice of kitesurf, a place where you can also find the perfect balance between holidays and sport activities.

Our pillars are well defined, as we primarily care about offering the highest quality together with a maximum security, counting on professional IKO teachers with a long path and huge experience in this sport. Our teachers try to adapt as good as possible to your language demand, being able to book your classes in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese… always combined with the latest gear of North Kiteboarding and ION 2016! Without any doubt the school obviously has all required insurances, in order to assure a safe learning of the sport.

It doesn’t matter if you are aiming to learn your first steps in this sport or you want to improve your manouvers - Tarifa is the ideal place for any kitesurfer ! It can give you all what you need! Our lessons can be either private (walkie-talkie) or semiprivate of all kind of levels from beginners, intermediate level to an advanced level or freestyle's initiation (first transitions, first jumps, rotations…) Once you have finished any of our courses, we can provide you with a certificate of IKO Member, as part of your training program.

IKO Certification

The IKO Member card certifies your level of ability and check your progress at the same time that you carry on with the training and prepare yourself until you reach he third level of independent kitesurfers. In this way, in any future school of kitesurfing where you want to take lessons, you will follow the lessons from the level that it is indicated in your IKO member card. Most of the kitesurfing centers and schools all over the world recognize the IKO Member card, and it is necessary if you want to rent the kitesurf equipment easily.

In the courses, the card is included in the price.

If you already know how to kite independtly and you would like to get the IKO Member card, the price is 30€ with 1h of pool/supervision included, and in this way, we can check your level.